Cleaning the aquarium bottom is not an easy task but it is an important job for a nice and transparent aquarium. Obviously, filtration systems are not enough to maintain a healthy living environment for your fishes. So, to ensure that fishes and aquatic plants live in an ideal environment, bottom cleaning is essential.

Image: Cleaning fish tank bottom is necessary
Cleaning fish tank bottom is necessary

For beginners, bottom cleaning seems to be a difficult task. Some people may even attempt to drain and replace water from the tank and then manually clean the bottom. It is hard to believe that this was the way aquarists used to clean their aquariums. Fortunately, recent advanced scientific method will make this kind of job easier and more effective.

Cleaning bottom of the tank is important

Shreds of leftover food, waste of fish, pieces of wood accumulate on the aquarium floor and between the stones at the bottom of the tank. To get rid of these debris without having to drain, you should use aquarium cleaning tools. Failure to clean the bottom can increase pollutant and toxins in the fish tank as the amount of waste is increasing. High levels of nitrite and ammonia can lead to changes in the chemical composition of water. This reduces the pet's immunity in the tank.

Improved chemical composition of water when cleaning the bottom of the fish tank you need to make sure you do not remove all the bacteria that live there, because some bacteria are beneficial in maintaining a healthy living environment for the fish. This is also one of the reasons why you should not replace 100% of the water in the aquarium. Actually, you only need to replace 25% of the water in the tank while cleaning the bottom. In this way you will ensure that the amount of beneficial bacteria is maintained at an appropriate level.

5 Best Fish Tank Bottom Cleaners

1. Fish Tank Cleaning Tool, with 7.5 Meters Pipe - Python Cleaner

The Python fish tank cleaning tool has dual purpose, in addition to being an effective bottom cleaning device, it also used to change water in the tank. This tool can be easily used because it can be connected to almost any type of faucet.

This aquarium hygienic equipment is ideal for sometimes and frequent water changes, it helps optimize immune system for the fish. It prevents the accumulation of toxins inside the aquarium over time. These toxins not only affect the chemical composition of water, but also harm the living organisms in the tank.

Aquarium maintenance will be easier than ever by simply using this effective tool, you can both clean the bottom and replace the water.

Image: The Python is an effective tool
The Python is an effective tool

  • A box of Python fish tank cleaning tools includes following parts:

  • Cord connected to the tap

  • Negative connector

  • Switch

  • Gravel filter system with 6 different sizes

  • Copper fittings

  • Positive coupler

  • Positive connector

  • Cords

  • Copper connector

  • Valve lock water

2. Bottom Cleaning Tool - Fluval EDGE

A popular tool used by many aquarists is the Fluval EDGE Cleaner. This tool is definitely an efficient bottom cleaning machine that will help you make the cleaning of fish tank quickly and conveniently.

Although specially formulated for the Fluval EDGE aquarium, this tool is quite effective for large size tanks. You only need to spend more time cleaning the aquarium because its size leads to limited absorption.

Image: Fluval EDGE works really well with large fish tank
Fluval EDGE works really well with large fish tank

If you own a small size aquarium such as a mini tank or even a desktop tank, we recommend that you consider using the Fluval EDGE bottom cleaning kit.

Let's take a closer look at the features of the machine:

  • Easy to open the valve - The system automatically opens the water tube by simply moving the device up and down in water. Bottom cleaning machines create continuous flow of dust and plaque. Therefore, the clean gravel will return to the aquarium floor.

  • Two attachments - The Fluval EDGE bottom cleaning kit is fitted with two accessories to provide deep and effective bottom cleaning.

  • Small spray nozzles are used for cornering and inaccessible areas. These two accessories are ideal when cleaning fish tanks are decorated complexly.

  • Pebbles - Fluval EDGE bottom cleaning tools have gravel shields that prevent gravel from turning off the tube effectively.

3. Automatic Bottom Cleaning Machine - EHEIM Quick Vac Pro

If you are unfamiliar with bucket and plumbing, the EHEIM Quick Vac Pro automatic bottom cleaning machine will be right for you. Battery-powered machines should be very safe. It allows you to suck all the dirt into a super-strong mesh box that holds the smallest pieces and particles just by one press on a button.

Image: EHEIM Quick Vac Pro is easy to use
EHEIM Quick Vac Pro is easy to use

Bottom Cleaner, Automatic Mud Filter EHEIM Quick Vac Pro is easy to assemble and disassemble parts for cleaning the machine. The EHEIM Quick Vac Pro is quite powerful, if you have a small aquarium you should be extremely careful. Manufacturers recommend using this machine for deep tanks at least 30 cm deep.

4. Aqueon Vacuum Bottom Gravel Cleaner 06232

The Aqueon 06232 Bottom Vacuum Sanitizer (low price, $25) has self-priming water based on upward movement that produces continuous flow. Just pull the straw up and down several times that the water will be sucked into the bucket, otherwise you can use the hand pump squeeze several times the water will be drawn out continuously from the aquarium.

Waste, rubbish, dirt, or feces are removed from the tank so that fish and aquatic plants have a healthy and clean living environment.

Aqueon Gravel Cleaner 06232 includes:

  • Lamp 25 cm

  • Pipe clamp

  • Flexible tube 1.8 m

Image: Aqueon Gravel Cleaner 06232
Aqueon Gravel Cleaner 06232

5. Battery-powered Cleaning Machine – Mr Cleaner

Fish tank maintenance tool - Mr. Cleaner is a product that is highly valued due to its efficient and affordable features. Manufacturers are quite successful when offering innovative product that is quite good quality for aquarists. Thanks to TOM Mr. Cleaner, aquarium players will have easy day of cleaning and maintain the aquariums to create a healthy living environment for their pets.

This battery-powered aquarium cleaning tool is extremely suitable for small aquariums. It is a useful device that effectively removes particles and wastes without having to drain all the useful water in the tank.

Image: Batterypowered aquarium cleaning tool  Mr Cleaner
Battery-powered aquarium cleaning tool - Mr. Cleaner

Other features:

  • Easily change the flow speed to clean up stains and inaccessible area. draining sediment,  filtering through the baskets and returning to the tank.

  • The pump sucks the sludge into the bucket

  • Highly reliable and easy to use

  • Running on battery power makes it safer to use it on the water surface

  • Just press the button & move the suction pump across the tank

We’ve just gone through the list of best aquarium cleaning tools with reasonable prices. Hopefully through this article you have found for yourself a suitable gravel filter for your aquarium. If you have any questions please contact us or leave comments below.