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5 Ways to Create the Most Attractive Environment for Fish

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In order to successfully breed fish, the use of selected Nature Aquarium goods can help to cultivate a natural environment within the aquarium.

Image of A good planted aquarium environment
A good planted aquarium environment

1. Manage water differences

A major difference, is that tap water does not contain a lot of organic components such as heavy metal ions, whereas the water in tropical rainforest rivers includes a lot of organic compounds and not many inorganic components. These organic components contain materials such as cellulose, which are kept in the water by the abundance of natural materials, such as dead leaves, that accumulate in the environment. If a fish were taken from its natural environment and placed in tap water, it would soon suffer from symptoms like sore gills and skin.

If you are simply neutralising the chlorine in tap water, an unexpected trouble can be that this can cause sudden changes in the water quality, and changes that do not mimic the water of the natural environment.

What I use:

Aquarium Water Conditioner allows the qualities of natural water to be obtained by adding organic compounds to the water and mitigate the shock of water changes for fish.

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2. Recreate blackwater

In the Amazon, there is a river that is the colour of tea and this effect is called the Amazon Blackwater. The fish in the waters of the Negro river have wonderfully bright, natural colours and the Cardinal tetra is the perfect representation of this: the bright colours are necessary for the fish to facilitate mutual recognition and shoaling behaviour in the dark water. This is what I think of as the cause-and-effect relationship of any natural environment. The blackwater is something that occurs as a result of components such as humic acid, which is a humus component including amino acid, vitamins, enzymes and minerals that tropical fish take in directly.

For fish that live in this environment, it is particularly uncomfortable for them to become accustomed to the aquarium environment, particularly immediately after their introduction to it.

What I use:

This is when the use of Aquarium Blackwater is particularly helpful since it has the effect of slightly colouring the water and adding humic acid to the environment.

Blackwater is not suitable for daily use in the aquarium since it reduces the amount of light in the aquarium, but some add a little amount from time to time to provide humic acid without darkening the water.

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3. Nurture with nutrients

In the Nature Aquarium, it was historically thought that algae were caused by the addition of fish. While this is certainly one factor, the main issues are the size and species of fish that are added. Large fish such as cichlids and some shrimp will require advanced management techniques because of their size and the type of food they eat whereas if small fish are added in a number that cultivates a healthy balanced eco-system, then the fish do not cause algae problems. The nitrogen in the leftover fish food and fish excrement can then be absorbed by the plants and used as nutrients and will be in balance with the total amount of phosphorous in the aquarium. Nitrogen and phosphorous are needed by plants for healthy growth. In particular, some plants that have bright yellow or red leaves need these nutrients to maintain their bright colours.

What I use:

These nutrients and other vital elements like potassium can be supplied with the ADA Green Brighty Fertiliser series.

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4. Feed the best

The selection of a good fish food is vital in avoiding breakouts of algae and reducing general algae levels in the aquarium. Most fish foods are rated according to their nutritional value, but while this is a vital element, it is not enough on its own: the digestion and absorption rates of the food are equal, if not more,
important. If the digestion and absorption rates are bad, then no matter how high the nutritional value of the food, it will cause algae problems because it will leave a very high amount of nutrients in the fish excrement that will pollute the water.

What I use:

The ADA AP series combines good nutrient value with digestion and absorption rates.

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5. Protect your plants

Plants should be protected from trauma, such as pests, as well as volatile substances that can cause bacterial activity.

What I use:

Phyton Git prevents and suppresses diseases, protects the fish from stress and prevents attrition. It is particularly useful when used immediately after the addition of fish to the aquarium. Phyton Git increases the filtration within the aquarium and assists the metabolism of fish.

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Made in Japan

Angelfish are harder to breed

Breeding angelfish in the Nature Aquarium is significantly more difficult than in other aquarium types. I think Angelfish have very large appetites and need a lot of food, so it is difficult to maintain the quality of the water and prevent eutrophication.

The most important thing is to create an eco-system that is well balanced by devising and improving breeding facilitates in the tank, particularly by having excellent filtration, planting the tank heavily to absorb the nitrogen and phosphorus from the fish waste and adding sufficient nutrients for the plants. It helps to devise a layout that does not require you to carry out much maintenance.
5 Aquarium: 5 Ways to Create the Most Attractive Environment for Fish In order to successfully breed fish, the use of selected Nature Aquarium goods can help to cultivate a natural environment within the aquari...

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