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The Best Location to Place a Fish Tank

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You may already have a place in mind for your aquarium, but you need to be sure that it is suitable. So what is the best place to put your tank? We will help you to choose the best location to place your fish tank in this article.

Image of fish tank in corner of room
Putting fish tank in the corner

Fully set-up tanks are extremely heavy. When you consider that 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg (1 gallon weighs 8.3 lbs) and the 60 x 30 x 40 cm (24 x 12 x 16 in) tank we are featuring in this article holds approximately 76 liters (20 gallons), you can see that it will weigh 76 kg (166 lbs) without the weight of the tank itself, cabinet, rocks, gravel, etc. Your floor must be able to support this weight. If you have a concrete floor, this should pose no problems, but if you have floorboards, check which way the beams run and try to position the stand so that the legs are positioned over the beams rather than over the space between them. This is, even more, important for the larger-sized tanks. If you are placing the stand on a carpet, it is worth putting something under the legs of the stand to prevent it from cutting into the carpet.

You should take extra precaution while selecting the best location for the fish tank at home. Trying to avoid places near to an air conditioner or a room heater that can fluctuate the water temperature widely. You also need to avoid noisy areas such as next to entrances, television sets, speakers, etc. which can disturb your peace loving fish. You should avoid a high-traffic area in the house as the fish will get scared as and when someone goes near to the fish tank. If you are selecting a very big aquarium and you do not live on the ground floor then it is always best to place a tank along a wall, where floor supports are usually greater, rather than in the middle of a room. Keeping aquarium too close to a window may encourage the growth of unwanted algae and may overheat the tank. Remember that you will need electrical points near to your aquarium otherwise, you have to use some extension cable for the power supply. Though it's not necessary keeping your aquarium near to a water source, but it will make your life easy while changing the water every week.

The position of the tank in the room is, for the most part, a compromise, since it is rare to find the optimum conditions. Follow the directions given on the floor plan on the image below.

Do consider the proximity of electrical outlets, since you will need one close to the aquarium. The last thing you want is to trip over wires trailing across the room! Safety considerations include not only making sure that electricity and water do not mix in the tank, but also placing the tank so that it is stable and will not fall onto anything or anyone, and no one can fall over it or the electricity supply to it.

Image of aquarium on the beams
If you can, position the stand so that the weight of the finished unit is taken by the beams and not the floorboards.

Ideally, place the unit where it will not be affected by passing traffic through the room, light from windows, and heat from radiators. Pick a secluded comer where you can easily install and service the aquarium.

Fish Tanks and Children

The height of the tank from the floor is an important consideration, especially if there are young children who might run their toys into it. Stands and cabinets raise the tank to a good viewing height, but if you consider placing another aquarium on the lower level of one of the stands, be sure the location is child¬proof This is as much for the safety of the child - who might inadvertently crack the tank - as the fish, should the child be “helpful” and feed the fish (usually with a complete package or can of food) or, at worst, put undesirable substances into the aquarium.

Finding the best location for the aquarium

Image to find the best location to put your aquarium fish tank

Click on the picture to enlarge

Where is the best location to put a fish tank? You can check the image above with the description on it or read the description below.

  1. Good location: Even if an aquarium is next to a chimney, the amount of heat that penetrates the wall is insignificant.
  2. Bad location: Close to a door is not a good place to put an aquarium because the fish will be disturbed by the sound and vibration of the door closing.
  3. Good location: A quiet corner of a room that is, perhaps, too dark to grow a houseplant can be enhanced by an attractive aquarium.
  4. Bad location: Although an aquarium makes a nice feature in a hallway, it is not the best place because of drafts caused when the door is opened and closed, and disturbances caused by passing traffic.
  5. Good location: Choose a quiet area, such as an alcove, provided you have access to service the tank and to an electricity supply.
  6. Good location: In this location, the tank is far enough away from the doors not to be affected by people passing by.
  7. Bad location: Putting an aquarium in a kitchen is not a good idea because odors from cooking may affect the fish.
  8. Bad location: In a bright sun room, there is too much light on the tank and it will get too hot during the day and cold at night.

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